Website SEO Audit

Website Audit – Is Your Website Search Engine Friendly?

At the base of every SEO service is a website analysis. If the search engines find it difficult to understand your website then the users will have an even harder time, primarily for the reason that they will never reach your website in the first place!

Without a solid foundation, we can’t build a successful SEO strategy which is why every client begins with a full website analysis. Strengthening the framework of your website is a crucial step towards optimisation.

  • Website layout analysis – Can the design of the website be altered to enable search engines to discover important content first? Are there any visual elements that could be optimised to enhance the users experience?
  • Code analysis & optimisation – Are there excessive amounts of code that could be condensed and thus reducing the file size which makes the page load faster?
  • URL structures – Is it possible to optimise the URL’s to include keywords?
  • HTML & CSS validation – Does the HTML code and CSS validate according to standards? Are the correct tags that have an impact on SEO being used throughout the page?
  • Internal linking structure – Is the internal linking structure set up in a way that the most important pages are prominent across the website?
  • Image optimisation – Are images being used in the right places with the correct attributes? Is Google Images picking up your images?
  • Metadata Analysis & Optimisation – Do the pages of your website that show up in search results have the right titles and descriptions to engage the users?


These tasks are only a portion of the thorough analysis work that we carry out on your website. With solid backgrounds in web design and development ourselves, we are happy to and insist that we work closely together with your designers and developers to improve the structure of your website.

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