Keyword Research

Keyword Research

What keywords should you chase with your website? How do you identify the money making keywords?

Keyword research is an integral part of online success. We can help you define groups of keywords through analysing both your own website and your competitors.

Are you searching for the right keywords?

Quite often, businesses get stuck into the mindset of quantity over quality when it comes to keywords. More visitors doesn’t always equate to more sales and it’s important that proper keyword research is conducted.

More importantly, the keywords need to be analysed and optimised on a consistent basis. How do you know which keywords need improving? It’s not possible to just base this on search engine rankings. Each keyword needs to be tied into other metrics such as time spent on site, revenue generated, etc. to get a true indication of how a keyword is performing for your business.

Keyword Research Enhancements for Existing Sites

Typically, our clients come to us with existing websites. For a scenario such as this, we follow a very strict and ongoing process outlined below:

  • Current top keywords – What keywords currently drive the most traffic to the site? What is the quality of these visitors, and how do they fit into the goals of the business?
  • Keywords with potential – What keywords stand out as high performers, yet are driving minimal traffic? Are there opportunities to improve these keywords and potentially attract more traffic of this quality?
  • Keywords with opportunities – What keywords are low performers? Is there a reason why they underperform? Is there anything the business can do to open opportunities with these visitors?
  • New keywords – What keywords are missing? What tools can we use to find additional keywords that we haven’t thought of?

It’s very easy from the business end to write down a set of keywords for their product or service, but with the vast differences in the way that people search and indeed the words they may use to describe the same product or service, it’s important to monitor keywords on a regular basis.

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