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The golden rule is quality over quantity. But where can these quality links be obtained??

Links can be obtained many different ways, from local citations to blog outreach, paid links and pbn’s. So how do you know which kind sof links you should be buying.

Our experience tells us, without surprise, that quality wins over quantity. Our experience also tells us that nothing beats unique and interesting content. This is why we work closely with your business to seek out new and interesting content related to your business that we can use to obtain backlinks.

The true value of backlinks requires detailed research. When looking for good place to obtain links from, we ask ourselves a lot of questions to qualify the source. Some questions we ask:

  • How often do the search engines visit the page?
  • How relevant is the content on the page?
  • Is there a possibility that we may get referral traffic as well as the backlink
  • Does the website as a whole have a good presence and authority amongst search engines?

    Ensuring high quality, relevant backlinks to your website is an important part of search engine optimisation.

    So where do we get these backlinks from? There are dozens of different methods of obtaining backlinks. Here are just a few of the well known methods where relevant backlinks can be obtained:

    • Press releases
    • Industry forums
    • Blogs
    • Social networking sites
    • Directories
    • Article distribution

    We also provide advanced linking strategies customised to fit your business and industry. Different industries present different opportunities and we conduct a detailed analysis of your competitors and market to discover unique linking opportunities.

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